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After two decades of tumultuous relationships with cheating men, Charisse Tyson is ready to overhaul her life and make some lasting changes. But can she learn from her mistakes and begin to trust men—and herself?

Nisey's carrying on two relationships, one a married man and the other a clean-up man. until she hits a bump--a baby bump, that is. How will she break the news that she doesn't know which one is the father?

Find out in this hilarious novel!

What Readers and Reviewers are Saying...

Midwest Book Review - Reviewer's Choice (Jan 2010) "A highly recommended read that should not be missed.

"K.L. Brady has penned a clever, witty, insightful, and down right hilarious novel with THE BUM MAGNET. From the first page until the very last, I was laughing out loud and wondering just how this new author came up with this stuff. Charisse Tyson is a realistic and likable character with flaws and experiences that most women can relate to . . .  This debut author is one to watch. I highly recommend THE BUM MAGNET!"  Monique D. Mensah, RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“Creatively well-crafted, The Bum Magnet is a highly enjoyable, entertaining read. In a signature style equally hilarious and insightful, author K.L. Brady takes readers on a vicarious journey through the depths of the heart and mind . . . Witty pointed and real, The Bum Magnet sucks you in from

"If you can't identify with Charisse, you have a friend who is exactly like her.  As a romance the journey is incredible, as a novel, it is laugh out loud funny . . . It is not a male-bashing book, but a realistic look at life through great writing." Clee Culver

"I loved your book and posted a 5 star review on Amazon. You are a good writer and know how to capture the reader's (mine) interest quickly. Having lived in the DC area a long time ago and visited family in the Suitland area, my memories were alive and well. Your book is racial neutral and hits the nail on the head regarding relationships. I laughed and I cried and I wanted to relive some of my boyfriend experiences over, so I wouldn't have made the mistakes I did. You are every woman. Keep writing!" J. Mannino


Charisse “Rissey” Tyson is plus-sized and proud, a sassy, sarcastic real estate agent whose success in business is balanced out by her totally dysfunctional love life. For years, she’s dated one bum after another. But now it looks like everything’s turning around: Charisse is finally engaged to her Mr. Right. But Rissey wouldn’t be Rissey if she wasn’t drowning in drama, and as the wedding approaches, she finds herself in over her head. Suddenly she’s dealing with her fiance's secret love child, the reappearance of her missing-in-action dad, her sudden attraction to her best friend Lamar…it just never stops. Will she make it to “I do,” or will Mr. Right turn out to be Mr. Wrong—again? 

The results are in! Nisey knows who the father is. But when she breaks the news, she gets an unexpected reaction that sends her life into a tailspin. Will crash and burn...or will attention from an unexpected suitor save her in the nick of time?

Find out in this highly anticipated sequel.

Praise for Got a Right to Be Wrong

“It’s a Comedy of Errors for the hip-hop generation…Charisse jumps to one wrong conclusion after another—offering a proclamation that gives this book its title—in the outlandish, comic, and charming tradition of the Bard [Shakespeare] himself.  Brady updates an old theme for a new audience and finds a thoroughly modern tale of grown-up love, the endurance of friendship, and the strains—and comfort—of family.”~~Publisher's Weekly

"Brady draws readers in immediately from the prologue and propels them straight through the drama, humor and and propels them straight through the drama, humor and the various twists and turns that will leave you exhausted but satisfied . . .   Charisse is not your typical heroine and that may be the strongest part of the story.”~~Romantic Times (4/4.5)

"Relationship Drama at It's Best!" Five Star Review~~Sistas of Urban Literature Book Club

"I was hoping the sequel, Got a Right to Be Wrong, would make the grade… IT DOES! . . . True to style, Got a Right to Be Wrong had those laugh out loud moments but was also intertwined with some hard knock life lessons that will make you take a moment to reflect. Readers definitely need to add this to their reading lists. They will not be disappointed." ~~SistahFriends Book Club (5/5 Pink Diamonds)

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