Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Time Out for Shameless Self Promotion: The Bum Magnet Blog Tour and New Reviews!

Taking a VERY short timeout for shameless self promotion. If you're enjoying this blog you'll LOVE my novels The Bum Magnet and the upcoming sequel Got a Right to Be Wrong! Both are on sale now (the sequel is available for pre-order)!

Here's the latest 5 Star Review!!
Reviews by Molly: PUYB Blog Tour & Review: The Bum Magnet by K.L. Brady.: Title: The Bum Magnet Author: K.L.Brady Publisher: Simon and Schuster Release Date: March 2011 Pages: 368 Source. 5 out of 5 Book Rating!!

Want to pick up your own copies???


Also...I'm on tour--a Blog Tour that is! Check out my stops and learn more about the nutcase who writes this blog! :)

Beyond the Books: How I Landed a Literary Agent

Interview on the Examiner

Interview on Blog Critics

Interview on Review From Here!

Book Review at Mad Moose Mama

Book Review at Mysteries Etc.

The Story Behind the Book

More Stops Here...

We now will return to our regularly scheduled programming...

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