Monday, August 8, 2011

Stepping Out: The Top 5 Reasons Women Cheat

I had a conversation with a male friend recently, and he asked me what are some of the signs that a woman might be cheating. I thought to myself, "You dare ask me to divulge ancient SistaGirl secrets to your kind?" So, I deflected the question and turned it back around on him asking, "The real question you need to ask yourself is: Does she have reason to cheat?"

Cheating is not a natural state of being for most women. Generally speaking, with the exception of a very rare few outliers, emotionally healthy, secure women will breach the trust of a man she's genuinely in love with without provocation. It's nature--the old hunter-gatherer theory. Men are adept and thrill in chasing and hunting. Women content themselves with what's close to (or at) home, genetically programmed to find ONE mate who provides a secure, happy home and compatible sex life. Notice I said compatible. Not every woman needs a man who swings from chandeliers every night, but if you're satisfying her needs at a pace suitable to her, she isn't going anywhere. This is her natural condition.

When a woman steps out on her mate, she's going against her natural tendencies, and it's usually a difficult but calculated decision. No matter what they say about getting caught up in "the moment" most women who cheat planned to do so, maybe to right some wrong or fulfill some need, but they don't just slip and fall on another man's penis.

And let me keep it real. When torn between the decision to leave her man or to cheat, most women will not compromise theirs or their children's physical security (i.e., roof over their heads, financial stability) even if provoked, which is why they are usually better cheaters than men. They will ensure they've created that physical and financial security some place else before they even think of walking away. She'll stray from their relationship on the down low while at the same time creating the illusion of a relatively stable relationship, keeping the home as happy as possible until she's worked her back-up plan. As soon as the plan is executed, she rolls out. This is often the point at which she'll allow herself to get caught if indeed she is cheating.

So, the big question is, what are the key reasons a woman will go against nature, and step out of her relationship>

1. Revenge for her man's infidelity. He's cold busted. She cried and screamed. He begged and pleaded. She forgave. All is well, right? No, sir. Her anger and disappointment will plant a seed for "The Get-Back." What most men don't realize is that when they cheat they write their woman a ticket to Cheatersville or in layman's terms--provide justification. She may not cash it in today, the next week, the next month, or even the next year, but eventually, if she doesn't leave you first, she will cash it in at the moment most opportune for her. And if she is dependent on you financially or otherwise, you probably won't have a clue until she wants you to.

2. Emotionally unfulfilled or unappreciated. Women are naturally emotional creatures. Men are naturally providers. Oftentimes, men forget that women are nurtured by sincere affection and appreciation. A kind word, a compliment, emotional support, encouragement the little things mean everything to women. Here's the thing, most men are prone to provide those things in abundance while courting but when the courting's over, they become emotional deserts. Mark my words, she'll step out and find water...even if it's another man's well.

3. Emotionally unhealthy. Remember I said that emotionally healthy women generally will not cheat. Well, emotional unhealthy women who seek to fill voids through sex or attention, probably will. Women who suffer from low self esteem, past sexual abuse, or other emotional instabilities may tend to deal with problems in their relationships in counterproductive ways. It may appear as if she's just playing the bad girl, but her problems probably run much deeper than a desire to fulfill an unfulfilled physical need.

4. Physically and emotionally disconnected from her mate. For most women, sex is more about reaching a climax (although we need that too). Most women connect emotionally to their mates during intercourse as well. So when the sex decreases in quantity and/or quality, women miss that emotional and physical nourishment. Maybe he's having a tough time at work, sexual problems he's afraid to share, or he's involved with someone else. Whatever the reason, communication and sex are nil, and she senses he's pulling away from her emotionally or physically. Even if a man is just going through a difficult time, women will frequently jump to conclusions and translate this kind of behavior as his exit strategy. So, they seek to find what they're missing (or will be missing when he leaves) elsewhere.

5. Exit Strategy. Women know that for men, the providers, having a woman cheat on him strikes at the core of his reason for being. It says to him that he had not fulfilled his duty well enough to keep his woman in the home, worse, she may have found someone to do it better--whether it be sex or provide more safety and stability. Men know that sex is more emotional for women so that if she's allowed another man in to that realm, he knows the act is more than a roll in the hay. So when she reveals this information or allows herself to get caught, it is more often than not because she's ready to leave, and there's little her man could do to prevent it.

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